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 Version 1.2


MyLaborBags is an engaging interactive way to pack for the most import day of your life!

Unarguably the birth of your child will be amongst the most monumental days of your life. Are you prepared? Is your family prepared? Your child's birth-date is variable and sometimes unexpected. Being prepared means that you and your family will be better equipped to enjoy the monumental day with less stress. You and your family should be at ease to enjoy your miracle of life and take comfort in knowing that your family is ready.

The pregnancy journey is full of excitement and challenges, but it all comes down to one day. MyLaborBags can get you ready for that extraordinary and rewarding day.

First and foremost, MyLaborBags is easy to use. However, that does not mean that we had to compromise on its functions or limit its customizable options. MyLaborBags is full of options, colors, and tools that are easy to use and simple to find giving your MyLaborBags its own unique look and feel.

MyLaborBags is a specialized iPhone and iPod touch application that allows you and your family to organize all your labor items into their respective bags. MyLaborBags comes with two databases which each hold unique sets of labor bags. Both are fully customizable and each includes individual family member's bags: Mommy's Bag, Daddy's Bag, and your Baby's Bag. The Default MyLaborBags comes with a pre-filled suggested set of labor bags that include all the latest and creative items that you and your family may need. In addition, the Custom MyLaborBags gives you another set of bags that you can start from scratch and enter a more specific family set of items and equipment. You can change back and forth at your leisure. Or use both sets of Bags to track and prepare for up to six family members.

Within each bag you can add and delete items to fit your family's needs. You can keep track of each item's Description, Location, Cost, Quantity and Packed Status. MyLaborBags gives you full control and an array of options to export your bags by email. MyLaborBags also informs you of each bag's status and percentage completed, giving you control and peace of mind knowing that your family will be ready when the times comes.

All upgrades will be Free!

What people are saying about MyLaborBags...

  • "...Great application! Easy to use and keeps me organized. Everyone having a baby should get this... It's a must have app.
  • "...It is exactly what we needed!! ...There is no other app out there that does what this app does. ...most of the items have these awesome notes that are really useful!"
  • "...I can't believe how much this has helped us get ready. Thank you!"
  • "...All I can say is WOW."
  • "...a must have! I wish I had MyLaborBags for my first two daughters."
  • " first, I didn't think that I needed this, but boy was I wrong. My husband and I can't thank you guys enough. We are telling all our friends to download MyLaborBags as soon as possible."
  • "...My husband and I have to say that this was the best $2 that we ever spent. All first-time parents need this app.
  • "...Before we got the app, we just walked around the baby stores talking about what we needed, but MyLaborBags helped my wife and I sit down together and start making it happen."
  • "...the app is easy to use. But the best part is the challenge my husband and I have to see who can get their labor bag packed first. It has made getting ready FUN, and got my husband excited about going to birthing classes with me. Thanks!"
  • "...Why would anyone not get it? It is cheaper than a pen and notepad, and it is always with me. just makes sense, another way to save money in this economy!"

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